The farm name “Barrau”, and the parish name “Haumont”, are on Cassini’s  map of 1747. Perched on the south ridge of the ancient bank of the Garonne in the pretty hilly area called Coteaux de la Lomagne, there are extensive views all round.  The boarding cattery started in 2007. The tiny studio cottage available for holiday-lets is into its 4th season. It’s a haven for urban city dwellers and pet cats.

It’s 50 minutes to Toulouse, Auch, Montauban, Agen, two hours to the Pyrenees and Bordeaux. We have 14 sloping acres. Half is native woodland, the other half fields of wild grasses and flowers.  Brambles hold the soil on steep slopes and act as wildlife corridors, food plant for bees, wasps and butterflies, shelter for nesting birds and small mammals, and protection and shade for the growth of self-sown  trees. About 3km of paths and tracks are maintained with a fully-restored 1960’s MF tractor.

We’re under the bird migration route through the Pyrenees. The fields and hedges buzz with insects which are the food for swallows, swifts, frogs, toads, lizards and snakes. We have on-going professional wildlife audits which testify to rich diverse eco-systems. 

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Holiday cottage and state of the art boarding cattery.  Explore our site to find out more.

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